Working in digital dance with young people

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My interview on twitter with @mdgmcclelland

I just had a request asking to interview about our approaches to young people with dance and digital media. As Michelle was in Canada and on Twitter I thought it might be interesting to do this interview over twitter. Here is our conversation all in one place

@MercurialD is me but the transcript is laid out with a mention format. So ‘To @MercurialD’ isĀ  @mdgmcclelland asking, with ‘To @mdgmcclelland’ being my reply.


To @MercurialD: okay! First one: What inspired you to create a company geared towards youth?

To @mdgmcclelland: I started Mercurial Dance after touring with @MotionhouseDT as a dancer 10 years ago in January !

working with #young #people in #dance has always been a part of what I do – even before I trained.

So making dance performance for #youth – as audience followed on from choreographing shows with them as performers

To @MercurialD: interesting! What did you work on with them before you began your training?

To @mdgmcclelland: as i was drawn into dance I shadowed and supported a dance animator, ending up delivering workshops at festivals for children


To @MercurialD: 2. What do you think children gain in learning through movement versus a traditional classroom setting?

To @mdgmcclelland: wow! lets un-pick this question a bit as there is a phd in just that! – ‘lots’ is not so descriptive?

To @mdgmcclelland: Q2: here is an example of applying #dance to learning non dance subjects #literacy in/out of classroom

To @MercurialD: in my lighting course, we have talked a lot about Jean Rosenthal & her ideas on how light exists to support a dance piece

To @MercurialD: the topic for the assigned paper is to discuss how a company/artist is using digital light/projections in their work

To @MercurialD I’m taking this further to discuss how light can not only be a feature part of a show…

To @MercurialD:… but it can be an interactive, living “entity” that people (children) can learn from and explore new ideas.

To @MercurialD: Your video “Cascades” inspired me to wonder how children learn & how is their learning evolving in a media saturated world

To @MercurialD: the ideas are much bigger than a 2000 word paper, but this will be useful info for my thesis next yr. so inspired by your work!

To @mdgmcclelland: so the #dancingtolearn project is a completely different aspect of how dance is applied to #learning

To @mdgmcclelland: for me children learn through play as does their creativity and imagination and this is an important theme for all my work

To @mdgmcclelland: lighting technology has move on SO far since 1969 as has the medium of dance is very traditional

To @mdgmcclelland: ‘feature’ vs ‘entity’ 4 me this highlights a constant tension between audience & performer, presented work & interaction

To @MercurialD: 3. What is your creative process when creating a work that is meant to instruct?T

To @mdgmcclelland: with yp a question starts my creative process, and this question is shared with the group acting as a guide or starting point

To @mdgmcclelland: eg a site specific work in #emptyshops, we started with-what if you could buy forgiveness?

To @MercurialD: fantastic! What were some of your pupil’s observations from this experience?

To @mdgmcclelland: it prompted a massive debate at the outset between the yp, could you? should you? was this right? what would you pay with?

To @MercurialD: 4. Kids r regularly saturated w/ media. is exploring interactive light diff. from other forms of inter-media they engage with?

To @mdgmcclelland: it is about the creative use of media to make/present art, rather than for young people to consume media as entertainment

To @MercurialD: handed in paper! Thanks SO much 4 your time/wonderful answers. Will expand this idea 4 thesis nxt yr, hopefully keep in contact!