Greening The City

Greening The City

is an ambitious project to create a series of digitally augmented flashmobs for city centre squares.

Exploring ideas about how movement can be directed and choreographed through mp3 players we created a performance for Broadgate square in Coventry.

I was interested in how the performers could structure simple moves and choreography, learn’t in a short space of time or created spontaneously in response to an instructional podcast; and how an audience might experience a sense of dislocation from the performers by not being involved or aware of their soundworld.

The second event linked Coventry and Birmingham together through events timed to coincided together and an augmented digital game in on the Live Sites Screen. Choreography, place and performance linked through simultaneous performance and the coinciding of simultaneous events.


Here is a brief clip of the Greening the City Game in action.




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