Cascades is an interactive digital artwork for urban spaces, lighting up the ground in the square after dark. Watch the lights playfully chase you, bounce off shadows and skip from person to person. You can play with the dynamic scenes or take a moment to look at the square from a different viewpoint.

In Cascades we want to question how we use our urban spaces, how we look at them, feel about them and how we move within them. Comment on our facebook page.

How Cascades works
Over time the projections change through a series of scenes. Each scene offers a different movement dynamic and visuals. Motion sensors follow your movement, turning it into eye-catching graphics. What happens if you walk in different directions through the projections. What happens when you move your arms or legs? What happens when there is more than one person? Cascades is about encouraging a playful space and an alternative take on Christmas Lights.


Cascades is also a current BBC Livesites Screens Game


Cascades is a Mercurial Dance Production supported by The Arts Council England and Coventry City Council
with additional support from
Belgrade Theatre, 3Space, Warwick Arts Centre