Chaotic Liquid Network – Youth Performance

The Chaotic Liquid Network is a new theme of work exploring meeting points between dance and neuroscience.  We are establishing a number of discrete mini projects which bring artists, scientists and young people together and asking questions about where do ideas and movements come from in the body.

Chaotic Liquid Network – Youth Performances.

Our Youth project at Oasis Academy Hobmoor took place this summer.

Supported by Next Generation fund from Birmingham City Council, we worked with 60 children from Oasis Academy Hobmoor, in the Yardley area of Birmingham. Sparking imaginations, the children visited the University of Birmingham Medical School for some in-depth investigations into Neuro-Science and looking at how our body works, and starting to unpick complex questions about how our brain works, what happens when we think and where do our ideas come from?

Led by Dr Alex Conner of the University of Birmingham Medical School, our visit stimulated thought and imagination.

“It is a challenging subject for the children and we take them to the forefront of our current knowledge and science about how the brain works”

says Dr Conner.

A new idea: Is it a spark? a flash of inspiration? or a network of influences flowing around; a Chaotic Liquid Network where chance favours a connected mind? A moment when new synapses connect to literally make a new connection in the brain?

With the children we explored all these ideas and worked collaboratively to create a new digital dance performance. The first performance ever to have taken place in the Community Centre, and the first time it has been open to the public since it was built in 2007, the project has had many impacts.

‘The Chaotic Liquid Network has been a distinctive way to engage children in dance and science. The project has enabled the children to get to grips with some complex ideas in science and asked them to stretch their thinking. I really enjoyed seeing how the children took to a project that crosses subjects and art forms. It opened their creativity and stimulated new ideas. They raised their game to create and present a complex beautiful performance.’

Oliver Scott, Artistic Director

The Chaotic Liquid Network Youth Performance project was funded by