Greening the City – Learn the dance

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Here is the score for the flashmob.

It is similar for Cov and Birmingham but the mp3 is different so please make sure you have downloaded the right track!

Free Workshop Rehearsal

There is a free workshop to have a rehearsal at 11am running both in Coventry and Birmingham so do register to save yourself a place. Registration Closes 5pm Thursday 19th July.

Coventry workshop is at the Transport Museum 11-1pm on Saturday 21st July

Birmingham workshop is at the Dancexchange, Birmingham Hippodrome 11-1pmon Satruday 21st July


How it works:

There are a few simple moves to learn

A short dance phrase to learn you can see on this rehearsal video

And some improvised scores where you can freestyle and follow an idea with the mp3 instructions.

The ideas are a development of our flashmob on 7th July.


The Score









Pre Dance – a countdown to give you time to walk to the square

Section 1 – A slow count to grow from low to the ground to high in your own way

Section 2 – running and spinning. Using it to make you way throughout the space spinning with the musical cues

Section 3 – A learnt phrase looped 3 times Here is a video of the phrase as learnt by students on the 7th

Section 4 – Improvisation ‘ Thickets’ repeats 5 times punctuated by clearing the space between each phrase

Section 5 – Forming connections ‘ Pass the water’ or ‘round the trees’

Section 6 –  Spinning and reaching

Section 7  – Shrink to the ground

End still and walk away.


Throughout the mp3 there are brief instructions to remind you of where you are in the score and what comes next.